Welcome to Big Bend Quarterly, the Web site dedicated to Texas, west of the Pecos. We do not attempt to publish anything east of the Pecos River.

     We will strive to keep you abreast of the people, places and things thta make the Big Bend unique. Out here distances are measured in hours instead of miles. It is a land where you think nothing of driving two hours for a date. It is a region where rain, or the lack of it, dominates every conversation. The underlying thread of the hardy people who live out here is a love of the land. They are all bound to it, and speak of it in a way that would suggest a romance between lovers rather than the talk of a patch of ground.

     We represent a family that has been in this country for more than 100 years, and has been fortunate enough to wield some influence. If you can smell the greasewood after a rain while reading this, then we're doing our job.

Editor and Publisher,
Kirby F. Warnock